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The mission of the NJ State License Plate Initiative is to raise much-needed funds to provide scholarships for young deserving scholars.  Be a part of the vision…get your tag today!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a corridor IV Omega License Plate?

Brothers purchasing a corridor IV Omega License Plate are recognizing their Omega pride and leadership by establishing a scholarship program, by being part of the first African-American organization in the state to have special plates, by encouraging all Brothers of Omega to remain active and engaged members in their respective NJ communities, and by using the plate as a symbol that reflects an outward sign of their inner grace and commitment to make NJ and the world a better place.to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

I was originally told that 25K and 500 tags were the magic numbers. How did we get to the point of needing an additional 25K?

In the final memorandum of understanding provided by the state, it indicated that we needed to have 500 tags equaling 25K plus an additional 25K for administrative setup. The first check that we submitted covered the administrative cost.

What is the process for Brothers who have leased vehicles and want to purchase a tag?

You will have to receive a letter from the leasing company in which they agree to have the specialty plates on the car. Please contact your leasing company as soon as possible so the letter could be attached with your completed plate application.

If I have other questions, whom do I need to reach out to?

Contact either Brother Walter Nall (wrnall2@yahoo.com) or Brother Greg Ackles (gregackles@comcast.net)

Where do I send my application and payment?

Please mail all applications, copy of current registration, copy of current driver license, and check to
C4 Tag Coordinator
PO Box 1284
Burlington, NJ 08016

Will I be able to get a tag if I have outstanding motor vehicle moving violations and fines?

Your registration application will be sent to the NJ MVC which will review it for any outstanding violations. If any are found, your tag will be held up until all issues are appropriately satisfied. NOTE: If you have a convicted DUI, you are “NOT” eligible for a corridor IV license plate.

Where do I get the registration materials to sign up for a tag?

https://www.state.nj.us/mvc/pdf/vehicles/SP-23.pdf (Only complete page 1 and forward to the appropriate address listed above)


Corridor IV COVID-19 Task Force

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Corridor IV NJ License Plate Initiative (co-chair)

Bro. Walter Nall 

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Corridor IV NJ License Plate Initiative (co-chair)

Bro. Greg Ackles